Save the Date

This Sunday! This coming Sunday! October 28th!

It’s coming up fast. I’ll be at Leno & Lulu’s fabulous store taking part in their Books & Authors Event. I’ll have a stack of books to sell (the ones I wrote, of course), and some nice FREE bookmarks to hand out.

96 W. 14 Mile Road, Clawson 480176

11:00 till 5:00

If you already have my books, come anyway…Check out this great store, they have lots of unusual and interesting things. It’s a fun place.

So, please stop by and say hi, I’d love to see you.

A Dirty Word

On Tuesday night I was a guest at Linda Borowski’s neighborhood book club, where fourteen women gathered in a comfortable circle. They had bought my novel A Bird in the House a few weeks before, and so were prepared with thoughts, questions, and comments. They listened to me talk. We drank wine. It was a really lovely evening with genuinely kind and interesting women.

At the beginning there was some discussion about the opening sentence of the novel…“Two women—one old, one ancient—sat on plastic chairs on their front porch.” Continue reading “A Dirty Word”