Adverse Verse

After my last posting, Write Something, I got an email from Ricky Winn. I’ve never met Ricky. But she’s written me a poem…a verse about her own adverse year. It needs to be shared. Ricky lives alone and had to deal with all the falling apartness by herself.

Ricky Winn









Write something, Lynn said
Never suspecting for a moment
That I would write her a poem
Of past miseries all too potent

Be careful what you ask for, Lynn
You might just receive
A poem recounting miseries
From my recent past, I believe

2017 was a trying year
I am glad it is over and done
It started with a scope into lower Mongolia
Colonoscopies and polyps ain’t fun

Then the tooth fairy of doom
Paid me an unwelcome visit
You need a new crown, the dentist said
What’s that hole in your tooth, what is it?

Then came the skin cancer man
A’picking at my nose
“It’ll only take three or four times, I’m sure
With my handy scalpel from Mohs

Before they took the bandage off
Of my newly remodeled proboscis
A sawbones surgeon came along
With really bad halitosis

I was in for surgery at 7:30
Up and out by 1 PM
I wheeled into my townhouse
With my hip titanium

No matter how you spin it
A walker is not for the vain
I used it but a week or two
Before changing to a cane

Out with the port-a-potty
Out with the shower stool
Out with the stitches and staples
This happened at week two

A mere month later
All rested up and sober
I hobbled back to my office job
As the office grunt and gopher

But as bad luck would have it
The perils of Pauline weren’t ended
Both my eyes had cataracts it seems
And the doc said, let’s get ‘em mended

Thirty bottles of eye drops later
I still couldn’t see worth a damn
I tripped in my flip flops and broke my foot
And I said, “What a bad girl I am”

They say that bad times make good people
It keeps you from being deranged
But listen, God, I think I’ve got this
Pick on somebody else for a change

Ricky Winn

One last fun fact:  My old enemy Pneumonia is back. I’ve been taking the heavy duty antibiotic since Sunday. Doc says rest. Typing’s not taxing. But now I think I’ll go take a nap.

Thanks for reading, and thank you Ricky for the poem.

Also Thank you to the photographers:  Piron Guillaum, Nick Hillier, Harlie Raethel.

9 Replies to “Adverse Verse”

        1. I agree with Ann, you would be great fun to know
          and to live near. Your poem was not only a hoot,
          but was also about the very strange thing that
          can happento us with age.
          Thanks, so much for sharing.


          1. Annie,
            Age??? What age? I am just 76 and am going to live to be 120; I am just a teenager. But if it’s going to be this much of a struggle for the next 44 years, I might re-think my longevity.

            Thanks for the response. Glad you enjoyed my poem.


            Ricky Winn AKA Mary Richard
            Musician, author, poet and grandmother

        2. Hi Ann,

          By the time I retire the Bahamas will probably have implemented Trump’s immigration restrictions and I will be a persona non grata.

          But, great idea. I hope I am going to find the energy to start a blog…I promise it will be filled with funny, true stories from my veddy interesting life. I hope you will be a follower.

          Ricky Winn AKA Mary Richard, author

    1. Hi Patricia,

      I live in Atlanta but I would love to move to the west coast of Florida one of these days.

      If I win the lottery – probably not gonna happen since I never buy a ticket (I figure my chances are the same, play or not) – I am going to move to Florida. I have grandchildren in Ormond Beach, but I like the Gulf coast better.

      Thanks so much for the response.

      Ricky Winn
      Musician, author, poet and grandmother

    2. Patricia,
      I would LOVE to live on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

      I may start a blog and hope that you will be a faithful ‘blogee’ if I get off my tuckus and do it.

      Thanks for the response and stay tuned,
      Ricky Winn AKA Mary Richard (pen name)

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