And the Winning Cover Is…

Thank you, Voters!

It was a close vote between #1 cover (blue) and #3 cover (yellow).

Some yellow cover voters said they wouldn’t consider reading the blue cover book…too scary, and made references to Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds.” Some blue cover voters said the yellow cover was too sappy, and looked like a book about fishing. They liked the blue cover because of the Detroit Zoo water tower on the back, and they liked it because it made them think of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds.”


A few people liked both #1 and #3. I didn’t know which column to put them in, and didn’t want to get in trouble for voter fraud, so I just left them off the chart. Sorry.

One person suggested combining the type face of #1 with the background of #2 and changing the color to green. Oh man, that brought back nightmare memories of advertising clients!

What to do? How do you please everyone?

ANSWER. I decided to publish the book with two covers, especially since opinions were so strong. I checked with Amazon. Yes, it was okay to have two covers. However, I’d need separate ISBN numbers and bar codes. Since I already bought ten ISBN numbers for $275 when I published, Intentional, a novel, in 2014, I still had plenty (seven). I did have to buy a new bar code for $25.


Then yesterday I got an email from Amazon saying they had changed their policy. It was too confusing for their customers if a book with identical content had two different covers.

So pick one?

Okay, so based on the votes #1 is the winner. Here’s how the votes went (note: I like making charts).

  Cover #1 Cover #2 Cover #3
1 Ann Amenta Mary Epstein Lee Burnham
2 Bonnie Schoettle Dawn Taube Mary Cay Deizt
3 Keith Brown Barbara Woolf Margarete Koenen
4 Nancy Massa Laura Whitesides Host Joy Powell
5 Judith Berk Kathy Compton Janette Andrews
6 Laura Lee Isabell Bastien Mary Roberts
7 Bill Jackson Susan Kramer Barbara Aylward
8 Katie Bogner Carol Ann Arvan Katie O Bogner
9 Susan Arnold Kim McLott
10 Lisa Crawford Alison Rule
11 Theresa Rollins Rosemary Sexton
12 Joanne Copeland Treena Flannery Ericson
13 Lynne Ford Alison Ruble
14 Chuck Taube Annis Pratt
15 Mary Haddad Sharon Weisswasser
16 Bob Piatek Tom Kerwin
17 Gregory Szaichler Ann Landen
18 Cyndi Chouinard Jim Schoettle
19 Loretta Markell Sal Fetter
20 Debra Friedman Joy Row
21 Sue Schoettle Dolores S. Slowinski
22 Christina Hill Nancy Arnfield
23 Harah Frost Todd Erickson
24 Theresa Rollins Terry Jobe
25 Skip Davis Ricky Winn
26 Ann Throop Sharon Lowe
27 Colette Dywasuk Kathy Holmer
28 Linda Mendelson Carolee Perring
29 John Bogner Carol Magee Medford
30 Betty Brownlee Gary Gilbert
31 Laura Godfrey Kay Rittinger
32 Deena Morguloff-Kachafoorian Sharon Cleveland Nelson
33 Linda Parker Veronica Deisler
34 Eileen Aboulafia Carol Winslow
35 Rose Slover Judy Amir
36 Fred Foley Brenda McDonald
37 Carol Lee Karen Tulin Schreck
38 Susan Helton
39 Robert Stewart
40 Carol Fowler Pastrick
41 Samuel Keith Hays
42 Gale Cunningham
43 Grace Rising

Hopefully, the book will be available by October 2, 2017 on Amazon, Kindle and iBooks.

I really do appreciate learning what you like. Thank you for voting.

And yellow cover voters…It’s really not scary. Will you consider reading it with its blue cover?

8 Replies to “And the Winning Cover Is…”

  1. I lost out to Ann….. Again, after 65 years, proves our different personalities…..we balance each other out. No matter which cover, looking forward to October !

  2. Sorry Lynn, I didn’t know the deadline was so close. I agree with the blue cover. The yellow is much too girly for my taste, but it really depends on what image – and audience – you want for the story.

  3. Lynn – SURE I will read your book with a blue cover – I’ll read it even if it has a cerise cover – whatever that is.

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