Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda—Didn’t

Here’s the thing…I wrote this lovely novel…YES, lovely. It’s just what I hoped it would be. I’m proud of it. It took three years. It says what I wanted to say. I’m not going to be humble about it.

But YIKES!!!

It’s Countdown—one week from today A Bird in the House will be available on Amazon, and I haven’t done most of the things I was supposed to do. What happened to those press releases I was going to write? What about all those blog posts I should have been writing:

  1. introducing you to the novel’s characters,
  2. telling you what the inspiration was for the book,
  3. giving you an enticing chapter. (Should that be a funny one, or one with sex? Hmm.)

I should have been using all these ploys to make you want to buy my book and even buy copies for all your cousins, your besties, and your next-door neighbor.

Big Feet! Truth in advertising…they really are big.

But, basically, I am crappy at marketing.

I have so many things to tell you, so many blogs to write, but instead I’ve been:

  1. playing solitaire on my iPad,
  2. stressing about the spot on my nose that could be something really nasty (I won’t know till Friday),
  3. Traveling back and forth to Wisconsin, where the three Bogner Boys have been gutting, de-mouse-ing and curing all the ills in that little trailer where I love to write. I did take lots of pictures, so I could show you the befores and afters. 


But, when I’m out of town, I don’t like to tell the burglars we’re gone, and you know all kinds of criminals are reading my blog: second story men, cat burglars, jewel thieves (the jewel thieves will be especially disappointed).



My writer friend, Annis Pratt, suggested I get Michael Hyatt’s book, Platform, Get Noticed in a Noisy World. I got it, and I have been reading it, but I’m not done yet. I keep getting sidetracked reading Hillbilly Elegy or Colum McCann’s Dancer. I’m having a bad case of Attention Deficit Disorder.

I am a marketing failure.

But will you read my book anyway? Like I said, it’s LOVELY.

12 Replies to “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda—Didn’t”

  1. Dear Lynn,
    You are a stitch…and so INCREDIBLY talented! Yes! I will read your book. I have read your book, and I will read it again! Do you REALLY need to do all that marketing? Well, pick one, just one of those marketing things and DO IT! Or not. But only if you promise not to worry wart about it.

    1. Our books would be coming out the same week but the hard launch I set for Oct 1 is put off a bit by my trip to Wisconsin. Hmm. Meanwhile, the new second hand bookstore in Royal Oak seems to have an interest in local authors-414 s Washington. But first I have to make laminated cards, , spruce up my business cards and get the press releases out, when I would rather be drifting about out of doors having tree communion….meanwhile the soft launch WORKED having produce a couple of Amazon reviews……

  2. I think the marketing pitch is pretty good…….it got me in 🙂
    (BTW, glad the trailer is being resurrected)
    Major congrats on the book launch

  3. I read the wonderful book . . .
    it was a really great book!
    It evokes all emotions.
    I think I’ll take time to read it again!!!

  4. I’ll definitely read it again. I loved it when it was a work in progress. Can’t wait to meet those wonderful characters again and at the same time see how the story got even better.

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