Count Down

Everything has a time frame.

  1. October 2, Monday: THE novel will be available on Amazon. I know—you can hardly wait.
  2. Around noon today: I’ll go get meatball subs to take down to the trailer for the Bogner Boys. I know—they can hardly wait.
  3. October 9th: Deadline for the Kirkus Review of A Bird in the House, a novel, but it came early. AND it’s a good one. I didn’t have to wait.
  4. November 1st: Mohs surgery on my nose. Remember that scary spot on my nose? It’s basal cell carcinoma. I can wait.


4.  White people have most of the advantages in this world—except for skin cancer. Lots of the white people I know have had some nasty cells popping out on their skin, because, truth be known, they don’t like being so white.

Basal cells are slow growing and not fatal. They never break off and head to other parts of your body to cause more trouble. They grow downward like icebergs. In Mohs surgery, they peel off layers, examine them, and if needed, go back and peel off more. I hope I still have some nose left. Noses are very handy things. Nice for breathing, blowing and tweaking.

3.  Kirkus Reviews. It’s a good review, except for some serious plot spoilers (telling the twists and turns before you read the book). So here’s the good stuff: “…Dee is bottomless in her complexity, a woman coping with her mother, mortality, and a bird in the house… She’s a protagonist worthy of the reader’s gripping interest.”
“A beautifully written story about loss and second chances.”

2.  We’re back at the farm in Wisconsin. (Note to burglars: We could be home at any minute and our neighbors are guarding the house. I hear they pack Uzis.)

Here’s the story on the Trailer: last Spring I overheard a phone conversation between John and his Colorado daughter, Alison, about the trailer (his phone was on speaker). The trailer that I love to write in was mouse infested, and because of my propensity for getting pneumonia, I couldn’t go in there and breath toxic mouse–poop-dust. So this summer and the summer before, I was banned from climbing inside it. Alison said, “The trailer should be de-moused, so Lynn can use it.” How sweet is that?









Walt, John, and Katie

John (ignoring the photographer-me) and Herb (posing)

Me sitting on a bucket to test the height of the bench that will be built-in.

It’s getting better and better…

So that’s what’s been happening. It’s a huge good project for the brothers to tackle together; they’re having a good time. And it’ll be so much nicer for everyone. But I really like to think they’re doing it for me.

Monday A Bird in the House, a novel, will be up, running and available on Amazon. Yay!

Okay, so I didn’t get all the promo and marketing stuff done. Fire me. I just like to write, and I’d like to be read…it’s just all that stuff in the middle that’s daunting.

Blast off!

There’s a time frame to consider here. I have to go to Subway now and pick up some person-fuel for the Bogner Boys…and girls.

13 Replies to “Count Down”

  1. Lynn,

    You are an amazing woman in an amazing family. Thank you for keeping me in the loop and congratulations on another Kirkus-reviewed book: I’m looking forward to “A Bird …..” and hope it does as well as all your other triumphs. And hope to see you and John soon!

  2. Dear Lyzess——Yes, you are—-really amazing and getting even more amazing as time as time goes on.
    It’s wonderful that Kirkus —–reviewed your BIRD book so well.
    The former mouse lived in trailer has become a TINY HOUSE that you can write and live in——with or without white socks !

  3. Lynn, I look forward to ordering your book on Kindle. Your blog is very good. What a sweet tiny house to write in. It’s awesome that you love the process of writing. Your art prints are gorgeous. Now, we have your books to look forward to. Lucky us.

  4. Love your new tiny house for creative expression! Basal cells are for the birds! Here’s to a great outcome for your nose and the book! Much love,
    Mrs. Inbackofus, or Mrs. Behindus

    All depends on one’s perspective!

  5. Wow what a transformation of that little trailer! Now you’ll want to go to Wisconsin ALL the time to use your very own writing studio!

    So happy the Kirkus reviewer did justice to your fine writing. Developing strong characters like you do in “Bird” is the dream of all writers worth their salt.

    Hooray for Lynn!

  6. Lynn, After being a presence during the writing of this jewel of a story, I feel a little like a midwife rejoicing in the sucess of your creation ! Keep on writing. Hugs, Marie

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