Making Cuts

There’s a rumor going around that old women shouldn’t have long hair. I’m taking issue with that idea. How else do you hide your old neck?

There’s so much an old woman can do with her long hair:

  1. Hide sagging breasts,
  2. Put it in a bun and carry a cane to entice Boy Scouts to help cross the street,
  3. Crochet a sweater out of the strands that fall out of her head and grace her black sweaters,
  4. Put it in pigtails and pretend she’s in her second childhood.

It’s April 9th, and snowing. How do you keep your ears warm at night with short hair?

I’ve been getting subtle cut-your-hair hints. I won’t list them all, let’s just say hints came from friends, Romans, and countrymen. It would make this piece TOO LONG and you might just change channels. So here’s just one hinter:

Me to John, “Do you think I should cut my hair?”

Him, “Maybe.”

This is a person who never ever, ever, criticizes the way I look. Does this shirt make me look fat? No. Can you tell I’m not wearing a bra? No, you look fine.

So “Maybe,” is a really big deal.

This morning I chopped off a couple inches. I could’ve made an appointment with a hairdresser. But I really hate getting my hair dressed. They make me sit in a chair and stare at myself with really bad lighting. They talk. They take forever. Then I pay and tip. And when I get home I rewash my hair and cut some more off—Fix it. So why not just skip the middleman or middlewoman?

So it’s cut. But, guess what?  It still hides my neck.

PS. Don’t the clips of hair (in the top photo) look like smiles? Maybe some look like frowns. Nah. They’re all smiles.

12 Replies to “Making Cuts”

  1. This blog is smart and funny—–like doing your taxes .
    I don’t want to embrace aging—–do I have a choice ?
    I’ll never get my hair cut again.

  2. OK Smiley Hair, here’s one more: stuff pillows with ’em! Better than goose feathers…no quills!
    What a sweet insight into our friend John….there’s a good man.!

    PS. I love you long, short or in-between. And you always make me laugh with fun.

  3. I am on purpose growing my hair long. I want to be able to pull my hair back into a pony tail in my old age. And then I will let it go gray. Trouble is, its not growing fast enough. My pony tail makes me look like I’m in the chorus of “Hamilton”.

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