November is National Novel Writing Month. Figuring I’d be confined to quarters for some of the month, because of the dratted nose cancer being removed on November 1st, I signed up for NaNoWriMo.

I’ve committed myself to writing the first draft of a 50,000 word novel during the month of November. Thousands of writers around the world take part in this craziness. You’re allowed to work out the plot and characters before the start of this month. I didn’t do anything.

So now it’s November 3rd. I’m already 5,000 words behind. And I don’t even have a story in mind.

Excuses. Excuses.

Wednesday, November 1st was the starting date, and I was having a hunk of my nose cut off. I was lucky. After just one layer they had clear margins. Dr. Byrd got all the cancer. He drew on my nose with purple marker, then cut a flap this way, a flap that way, and third flap still another way. Afterward Nurse Monica trained me on the ins, outs, and overs of changing the dressing and bandaging my face.

That caterpillar climbing my nose is good. Cancer’s GONE.

Thursday, November 2nd, I sat on John’s recliner all day, and stared at the TV. I couldn’t read anything. My left eye was too swollen to see, or maybe it was the clumsy lumpy bandage I put on my nose that was blinding me.

Friday, November 3, wonder of wonders, today I can see my laptop—I didn’t go so crazy with the bandages this morning. I can type. I can think. As ugly as my face looks, it doesn’t hurt.

So I’d best get at it. Quick. Quick. What’s the story? Who’s the main character? When is this story taking place. Who, what, where, when, why, and how?

Help! What’s the story!



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  1. Thank God the cancer is GONE GONE GONE!

    It’s time you wrote about your mother, grandmother and aunts and uncle who lived in the city. There’s an awesome story there!

    1. I’m sorta taking your advice. But making things up to fill the memory gaps, and actual knowledge is so much more fun then writing the facts. So far i’ve Got 1,000 words, i’m Now four days behind of the 1,666 words a day goal. Oh well. What will they do? Fire me? But the good thing is that it passes the time productively without bending or lifting heavy objects.

  2. I’ve got the title. MOHS NOSE All you need is the story! Can you write a 50,000 word blog about your experience that would compel me to turn the pages?

      1. ‘Nasal Basal’ is great! Strange, unlikely, camaraderie in that waiting room. Fear and hope. First-timers and repeaters. And of all places in the universe for us to see each other! We sat around with various bandages, dressings and wrappings that somehow created a temporary bond, a badge of courage, a sign of understanding. A little Tylenol and I’m good to go. I wish you speedy healing!

  3. Lynn… sorry about the nose!!! But although it’s not such a pretty sight right now… is a beautiful site to know “it” is out… all out!!. You will be FINE in a short while and be free to blow and sneeze and be grateful! Good Luck with your 50,000 words. We all know you can do it….yes you can!!

  4. This will be easy for you to do !
    Write a Romance Novel about a man who falls deeply in love with you and YOUR NOSE —–and of course, you return his love and desire !
    Important ! Don’t have sex until the last page .

  5. This will be very easy for you to do.
    Write a Romance Novel in which a man falls deeply in love with you and your NOSE——and you fall for him and his NOSE as well.
    IMPORTANT !!!!!
    No sex until the last page .

  6. Oh dear Lynn. So sorry you have to go through this. But, cancer free is great. You are so clever you will come up with a subject, maybe from one of your dreams. How many pages is 50,000 words? To Imagination and Healing. Love, Yvette

  7. So glad that is over for you. Yeah, the battle with cancer is over!

    Good luck on your writing. Being “imprisoned” has its advantages. You don’t have to decide what to wear, be on time for anything, and can write like crazy. I love your goal.

    Love, Gale

  8. I’m so sorry the basal bitch took a bite out of your nose, but so relieved she didn’t get a good hold on you. I admire your courage and your stamina, and your goal. Write what you know, but please give yourself time to relax and heal. Love, Pat

  9. How about ” imprisioned” for a title? about all the thoughts, actions and desires that hold us captive in our own heads and hearts…..

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