Making Cuts

There’s a rumor going around that old women shouldn’t have long hair. I’m taking issue with that idea. How else do you hide your old neck?

There’s so much an old woman can do with her long hair:

  1. Hide sagging breasts,
  2. Put it in a bun and carry a cane to entice Boy Scouts to help cross the street,
  3. Crochet a sweater out of the strands that fall out of her head and grace her black sweaters,
  4. Put it in pigtails and pretend she’s in her second childhood.

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Paper Trail Books

There’s a new bookstore in town. And guess what?

They have signed copies of both of my books, Intentional and A Bird in the House! So if you have a deep craving for one of my novels, or you can’t figure out what to get your Aunt Mable this Happy Holiday season—head over to Royal Oak. Dave also has lots of other peoples’ books, including Annis Pratt’s newest novel The Battle for the Black Fen.

Small Business Saturday is tomorrow. So if you like the idea of having a local bookstore, visit Paper Trail Books and buy something. Anything. Let’s keep them in business.

Paper Trail Books
Hours are 11am until 8pm
Seven days a week
414 S. Washington
(next door to Cafe Muse)
Royal Oak, MI 48067

But, Wait! There’s more…
Don’t you I think I should make myself available for late night TV commercials?


I am not a failure

As soon as I typed that title, I thought of Richard Nixon’s famous line, “I am not a crook.” But of course, he was a crook. Since I confessed to thinking of “Tricky Dick Nixon” does it bring into question my saying I’m not a failure?

Okay, Failure!

I admit it. I can’t do it. It’s day 22 of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and I only have 3,717 words on the next novel. To get to 50,000 words by November 30, I should have 36,666 by now. Typing that number made me laugh out loud.

Anyway, why did they pick November for the NaNoWriMo challenge? Did they forget that we have to go stand in a long line at Costco to buy a pie to take to our brother’s house tomorrow? Did they even think about all the Christmas ads—ad nauseam—guilting me into having to think about shopping? Crap, NaNo People, did you even consider that Black Friday’s in November?

I’m not a failure. Seriously. (Notice: I can’t make up my mind on this.)

I’ve been busy healing, looking at my nose until I’m crossed eyed. It’s getting better, but still ugly. I impose my naked nose on John, strangers in the grocery store, and anyone who comes in the house.

I’ve been reading books: The Underground Railroad by Colsom Whitehead, a painful, wonderful novel about slavery. When Whitehead was a boy he heard stories about the Underground Railroad and thought that it was literal, that there were actual trains in tunnels taking escaping slaves north. What he took as literal became a literary gem. At the same time, I’m reading Anna Quindlen’s, One True Thing, about a woman taking care of her dying mother. Also Annis Pratt’s novel, The Battle for the Black Fen. Book Four in her Infinite Games series.

I’ve also been watching World War II in Color on Netflix. Research for the next novel. WWII was terrifying. Basically greedy, racist, narcissist bullies united to destroy society. Whew, glad we don’t have to worry about that happening again. (I need a frowny face emoji here.)

I’m lazy too. But I can blow that off by just using the “I’m old” excuse. I’m not old. I’m a youth in a loose birthday suit. I need to be ironed.

Other than the Narcissistic Bully-in-Chief, there’s much to be grateful for: Good friends, good books, turkey that I don’t have to cook, and no cancer. Yay!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone.


November is National Novel Writing Month. Figuring I’d be confined to quarters for some of the month, because of the dratted nose cancer being removed on November 1st, I signed up for NaNoWriMo.

I’ve committed myself to writing the first draft of a 50,000 word novel during the month of November. Thousands of writers around the world take part in this craziness. You’re allowed to work out the plot and characters before the start of this month. I didn’t do anything.

So now it’s November 3rd. I’m already 5,000 words behind. And I don’t even have a story in mind.

Excuses. Excuses.

Wednesday, November 1st was the starting date, and I was having a hunk of my nose cut off. I was lucky. After just one layer they had clear margins. Dr. Byrd got all the cancer. He drew on my nose with purple marker, then cut a flap this way, a flap that way, and third flap still another way. Afterward Nurse Monica trained me on the ins, outs, and overs of changing the dressing and bandaging my face.

That caterpillar climbing my nose is good. Cancer’s GONE.

Thursday, November 2nd, I sat on John’s recliner all day, and stared at the TV. I couldn’t read anything. My left eye was too swollen to see, or maybe it was the clumsy lumpy bandage I put on my nose that was blinding me.

Friday, November 3, wonder of wonders, today I can see my laptop—I didn’t go so crazy with the bandages this morning. I can type. I can think. As ugly as my face looks, it doesn’t hurt.

So I’d best get at it. Quick. Quick. What’s the story? Who’s the main character? When is this story taking place. Who, what, where, when, why, and how?

Help! What’s the story!



Book Launch Party This Thursday

It’s on my calendar…. I’m coming!

Thursday, October 26th
7:00 pm
Birmingham Unitarian Church
38651 Woodward Ave, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

The books have all arrived. Whew! Wouldn’t it be scary to have a book party and no books? Am I stressing? Oh, please…it’s just a party. People I like will be there. There will be treats. There will be beverages. I get to talk. I like all that stuff, so I’m not stressing…much.

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Count Down

Everything has a time frame.

  1. October 2, Monday: THE novel will be available on Amazon. I know—you can hardly wait.
  2. Around noon today: I’ll go get meatball subs to take down to the trailer for the Bogner Boys. I know—they can hardly wait.
  3. October 9th: Deadline for the Kirkus Review of A Bird in the House, a novel, but it came early. AND it’s a good one. I didn’t have to wait.
  4. November 1st: Mohs surgery on my nose. Remember that scary spot on my nose? It’s basal cell carcinoma. I can wait.


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There’s Goodness Here

It’s heavy duty pollen season. The allergist’s waiting room is jam packed with people: black people, brown people, and white people. We’re probably an assortment of Muslims, Jews, Baptists, Catholics, Atheists, Agnostics and Buddhists, etc…I can’t tell by looking.

There’s a woman wearing a purple and lavender patterned sari. When her name is called she stands, and a woman sitting nearby says, “Beautiful purple color.” Then a pale, frail elderly man says, “Yes, very beautiful.” The woman in the sari smiles.

There’s goodness here.

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And the Winning Cover Is…

Thank you, Voters!

It was a close vote between #1 cover (blue) and #3 cover (yellow).

Some yellow cover voters said they wouldn’t consider reading the blue cover book…too scary, and made references to Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds.” Some blue cover voters said the yellow cover was too sappy, and looked like a book about fishing. They liked the blue cover because of the Detroit Zoo water tower on the back, and they liked it because it made them think of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds.” Continue reading “And the Winning Cover Is…”