Stolen Treasures

Robin Hood and his merry men stole from the rich and gave to the poor. It’s a made-up story.

And now we have Robbing Donald and his band of thieves. Stealing from the poor, and the ordinary regular folks—us—to give to the very rich. This isn’t a story.

Treasure: Public land
Teddy saw the treasure in our land and he protected it. Sacred land, not just to Native Americans, but to every one of us. Sacred. Treasures. William, Woodrow, Warren G., Calvin, Herbert, Franklin, Harry S, Dwight D, John F., Richard, Gerald, Jimmy, Ronald, George H.W., Bill, George W, and Barack, all continued to recognize the value of our protected lands—and protected them.
By the flap of a lip and the picking up a pen, Robbing Donald has stolen Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments and given it to the land rapists.

Treasures: Environment
Air that’s clean, water that’s drinkable, land that doesn’t burn or flood.
Donald says, “more coal,” and leaves the Paris Climate Agreement. I could list all the countries in the agreement, but it’s easier to list the only country in the world that dropped out. It’s the United States.

Donald is stealing EPA regulations that have kept us safe from pollution and other dangers. He’s putting them in his shredder.

Treasure: Peace of mind.
Will Donald get us into a nuclear war? He plays a dangerous childish, “Na Na, I have more weapons than you,” game with Kim, another childish dangerous leader. His tweets and lack of verbal control have stolen our close connection with our allies around the world. Insults abound.

Treasure: Our diversity
He’s turning people (citizens and immigrants who once loved us) into enemies. He’s giving big hugs and blowing kisses to hate groups, poisoning our reputation and ignoring the Constitution. With his hatred of anyone racially, ethnically, or culturally different from him, he’s aiding and abetting terrorists recruiters.

Treasure: Time
He has stolen our creative time, artists that painted nature have turned to depicting hell on earth. The man is so egregious that his name steals time in our sleep with nightmares, and conversations, and our TV watching time. We wonder and obsess…what will he loot next?

Treasure: Money
Donald loves money. He really likes gold. So he’s making all the money he can while he’s in office. Renting his hotels to anyone looking for presidential favor. Are there laws to prevent that? If there are, no one’s paying attention. And just watch him and his merry thieves steal and throw into a dumpster anything having to do with financial over-sight.

Treasure: An educated public—smart people.
Betsy, his secretary of education bought her spot on his cabinet. Public schools are losing tax money to “pay to learn establishments.” Her only credentials were smashing education in Michigan.

Donald claims, “fake news” when he’s not being flattered. The real Fake News on Fox steals honest reporting from the public. He’s creating a shield of protesters to protect him and back up his lies when Mueller’s hammer comes down on his criminal gang.

Treasure: Security
And what about his merry men (certain senators and congressmen—thieves themselves), coddling a man they consider a moron, holding out on dismissing him, until they’ve achieved their long desired goal of stealing everything that Franklin gave us. Right before our eyes…Social security and Medicare can disappear, pilfered by thieves in the marble halls of “OUR” government.

Treasure: Dignity and pride in our country.
Donald, the pussy-grabbing thief, has violated us all. And now his merry men are backing a pedophile in Alabama for the United States Senate. Mitch really doesn’t approve of the guy, but hey, he needs the votes to fulfill his agenda.

Treasure: Voting in free and honest elections.
Does your voting district have snaking arms and legs pushing in or out so your vote is diluted?  Will Vladimir’s hackers (lurking among our Facebook friends) feed us false information during our next election season? Voting: it’s another stolen treasure.

How do we build fortresses against these thieves?
Suggestions wanted.



7 Replies to “Stolen Treasures”

  1. Hey Lynn A.——-I agree , with everything that you’ve said——and
    you’ve said it better .
    I wish I could march——I used to.
    I can still vote—-call Congress and the Senate——got to the National Parks !

  2. What a mess this country & the world is in….our ‘leaders’ (& Hollywood) are lowering our standards. We are strong…. Keep the Faith…..We Shall Overcome!!!

  3. Today we lost Free Speech. With net neutrality rules repealed, big companies like Comcast, Time Warner and Verizon will be able to decide what we can see and read, and what we will never know. Its a sad day! Lets all hope that congress will nix this repeal. Better yet, lets contact our representatives and let them know how unhappy we are!

  4. I hate to say it: We have to stay hopeful and strong. Be glad for Doug Jones being voted into the Senate. Maybe this is the start of a new turn around in other states before too much damage can be done. Not everything has been lost yet. Give to the organizations & charities that do the most with their monies.

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