There’s Goodness Here

It’s heavy duty pollen season. The allergist’s waiting room is jam packed with people: black people, brown people, and white people. We’re probably an assortment of Muslims, Jews, Baptists, Catholics, Atheists, Agnostics and Buddhists, etc…I can’t tell by looking.

There’s a woman wearing a purple and lavender patterned sari. When her name is called she stands, and a woman sitting nearby says, “Beautiful purple color.” Then a pale, frail elderly man says, “Yes, very beautiful.” The woman in the sari smiles.

There’s goodness here.

I look around the room at my fellow Americans, and feel a little weepy as I observe  kindness. People are speaking to each other gently, neighborly, nicely. The white man sitting beside me notices a scar on the knee of the black man sitting across from him. He says, “I had knee surgery too. How you doing?”

There’s goodness here.

And I wonder…if Nazi’s or the KKK came here threatening us with their torches and saying nasty things, what would we do?

On September 3rd, 2007, clowns confronted the Nazi/KKK in Knoxville, Tennessee. When the Nazis yelled “White Power” the clowns yelled back, “White Flour.” To each shout from the Nazi’s, the clowns retorted, “White Powder,” “White Flowers,” and finally, “Wife Power.” They had signs to confirm the pronunciation of their words. They had flour and white flowers to toss in the air. So, go ahead, make fun of the Nazi/KKK. Frazzle them.

See Alex Santoso’s  article:

But we maybe we need serious action too. When trump condones, “some very fine people” in the KKK, we’re in big trouble, my friends.

So I look around this waiting room, and think, yep, these people would stand up for each other.

One nation. Indivisible. Together we stand.

Only one boy (about thirteen or so) looks hostile, sitting with his arms tightly crossed. But am I misreading his demeanor? Perhaps he’s just afraid of needles and hates getting allergy shots? Maybe his parents took his cellphone?

Irena Sendlerowa, a polish social worker, smuggled 2,500 Jewish children to safety in 1942-43. If necessary, I will smuggle children, and anyone else who needs to escape. I’m ready. Canada awaits. We’ll take the tunnel under the Detroit River.

If it comes down to it, will you help?

How do we fight ugliness? Comments and ideas welcome!

3 Replies to “There’s Goodness Here”

  1. Lynn,

    Thank you for this needed reminder, during a dark interval, that there is kindness, humor and joy in our world. That we have to take the initiative to provoke these feelings because many of us have become fearful of being honest in public — afraid of being labeled in a way that makes us vulnerable, to ??? Uncertainty for our safety, how we will be regarded, our employment, … … or just uncertainty. Life and times ARE uncertain, but we are up to them… .

  2. Those replies are from 2 close friends who are far better with words and thoughts than I am, so i’ll just second theirs. I’ve often wondered what I would do when faced with these difficult situations, but it’s a challenge I hope I don’t have to face.

  3. My first thought was——of course I’ll help. My second was—but what can I do?
    Talk to my grand-daughters—–tell them things they already understand.
    Help anyone in difficult situations.
    Speak up to defend those who need help..

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